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Black Granite Countertops

Black granite countertops of the massive and extremely beautiful stone nature granite are a true classic in Swedish homes. In the past, made the most of the granite in Sweden, but today there is a growing import of countertops made of granite from Italy. Granite high class holds in length and is a very stylish material for kitchen interiors. Granite is a classic material in terms of building construction sites and of houses. It is a rock that stems from ancient volcanic eruptions which several. The granite has a grainy texture. This is because it is composed of several minerals such as feldspar and quartz. Sometimes there is some mica in the stone. The composition may vary some, which affects both the color of the stone is compact. The stone is a solid rock that and are abundant in many parts of the world.

As the solid type of stone is granite, offers construction and interior decoration built in the material for durability. It will not break, such as marble and limestone, down by impurities and air pollution. It is resistant to high temperatures, without either discolor or crack. This also applies to most acids and other chemical agents used in a kitchen. It can handle black granite countertops stone easily. However it is sensitive to caffeine, candle wax and oil. This is particularly the stones that have e more grainy texture. The disadvantage of the resistant structure of the stone will also be apparent to the dropping against a glass plate or a plate abuts against the surface or edge.

It is possible to treat the surface of the granite in a variety of ways. When it comes to black granite countertops, it is often a polished surface is requested. When the surface is polished gloss becomes granite completely mirrored and highly resistant to moisture and dirt. The surface is also very easy to clean. Those who do not want the glossy surface, but prefer a matte finish can instead choose a matte polished surface. Then the stone an appearance that is more reminiscent of the slate. It is also possible to obtain granite vanities that have become antique brushed. This method that emphasizes the grain of the stone. It does however also stone surface more susceptible to dirt and the stone becomes somewhat more difficult to keep really clean.

Well-polished granite requires hardly any maintenance. It is advisable to impregnate the stone every five years, slightly depending on the stone’s quality. The more compact the stone is, the more water and dirt repellent character have granite stone. More porous surface treatments such as matte brushed or polished granite have a sensitive surface, which imposes high demands on the quality of the granite. It may also need to be scrubbed regularly to be really clean. Always choose granite with care. It pays in the long run. Always use a mild detergent on the black granite countertops and be careful with grains of sand they may even scratch the stone.